'Aheahea, Chenopodium

Description 'Aheahea is a native shrub of the goosefoot family. 'Aheahea is the widely found pigweed, or lambs quarters. It is a large weed, with large oval, jagged leaves. The lobed leaves are about 4 inches in length. In other parts of the world the young plants are eaten, and the seeds are groound into meal ny Native American Indians.
'Aheahea needs partial to full sun and light watering. These plants are native to Hawaii, living here before the arrival of Captain Cook. They are propagated easily from seeds.


Habitat Grows in dry lowlands in sunlit open areas near the ocean.

The `Aheahea produces hundred of seeds. In present
day Hawaii there are many deterrents that prevent
seeds from maturing.
In a protective environment
seeds germinate easily. Small plants
are susceptible to
slugs and birds.


In times of food scarcity,
tender young leaves of
'Aheahea were wrapped
in the leaves of ti and cooked
on heated coals.
The wood was sometimes
used for fish hooks.